Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How can I use technologies to engage my students in lectures?

I got asked this question the other day and here is my responce....

There are two main technologies:

  1. Classroom response systems like clickers and Poll everywhere and
  2. Back-channel  unmoderated (such as Twitter) and moderated  (eg discussion forums, live chat)
Activities for large lectures, your probably very familiar with, eg think/pair/share, Question answer, brainstorming etc

Think about the tools your students have in front of them, Mobiles, laptops, facebook and web 2.0 things like blogs and wikis. How might you use these to engage students in the journey of co-discovery...... Remember the best way to get them off facebook during your lecture is to engage them on it or one the tools that enable it.

Give them tasks to do and get their feedback either digitally or live via a roving mic, or the ‘Price is right” model of your the next contestant....come on down.

Its important to consider what you want them to engage with? Theory/case studies / futurism....



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