Sunday, May 13, 2012

UOW signs with Netspot for online learning

Source: UOW News
"UOW is raising the bar when it comes to learning online following a signing ceremony held this week between university and NetSpot Pty Ltd representatives.

The University has an excellent reputation for high quality teaching and learning. The award-winning design of UOW’s physical environment plays a major part in making staff and students feel at home -- and in building opportunities for collaboration.

Learning online is the other critical part of the UOW experience.

Head of the Learning Design Unit in the Centre for Educational Development, Innovation and Recognition, Dr Kate Bowles, said students working together online are developing key skills in digital knowledge management and professional social networking.

“In fact, the opportunities are now increasing for students to work together across our different campuses and institutions, and to build better bridges between their study on campus, their professional placements and their community roles,” Dr Bowles said.

She said UOW was committed to making sure that its online environment provided the same high quality experience for all its campuses so that staff and students could access the resources they needed, and could collaborate with others -- no matter where they were located."

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