Thursday, February 16, 2012

UOW Apps - Student diary

iphone and android apps are available!

Starting in O-Week, UniCentre is launching a mobile Student Diary App. The App will be available to students and staff who have smartphones. It will provide online access to events which are listed in the UniCentre Student Diary and through the UOW Student Life program.

Smartphone users will be able to:
- personalise events and information
- add reminders for events and assignments
- receive news updates on events or activities
- view the UOW campus map
- search for discounts or special offers on and off campus using GPS
- share information through Facebook and Twitter.

More features and offers will be added to the app over the coming year.

How do you get the new app?
Download "UniCentre Student Diary" from the App Store (for Apple i-phones) or Android Market (for Android phones).

Dont forget to check out the other apps available in the app store.......


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