Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How academics can use GradeMark by Turnitin

grademark 1 from PlagiarismAdvice on Vimeo.

Turnitin power user Cath Ellis from the University of Huddersfield presents her institution’s experience of using GradeMark as a tool for online submission and evaluation.

She highlights the benefits this approach has for students, staff and the university as a whole. A pilot project with first year students has prompted the development of an institutional strategy on online submission, which has involved a comprehensive streamlining of work flows and a separation of administrative and academic staff roles.

Cath also demonstrates the diagnostic abilities of using GradeMark to highlight student strengths and weaknesses and identify where extra support may be required.

Source: http://community.turnitin.com/members/blog_view.asp?id=597928&tag=GradeMark


  1. This looks like a really useful tool. When I think about the 3 days I took to mark an essay for one subject last semester, I could do with it. I like to give a lot of feedback on how to improve, plus explain why I give a particular mark, so this is something I would find very helpful.

    Margaret Mason

    1. Margaret, firstly glad to hear your thoughts via the blog.... always appreciate hearing from academics at UOW. Secondly, grademark is showing great promise as a tool to support our current assessment practices, we have a small team looking into it further, if you'd like to be involved or just want to be kept in the loop, feel free to email me at meyers@uow.edu.au. Will keep the community up to date with progress via this blog also.

      All the best Wendy

  2. sorry, my email is mar mason@uow.edu.au


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