Monday, December 12, 2011

A proposal for open learning analytics arcitecture

"I don’t think I’m over speaking when I state that in five years, analytics tools and suites will be as central in higher education learning management and enterprise resource management systems are today. The reason is simple: learning analytics provide insight into what is happening in the learning process and how teaching and learning strategies impact learner success. Of course, analytics in education go beyond only learner success and can provide insight into the outcome of systemic reform initiatives as well as general resource allocation"

"To address the need for openness of platforms, algorithms and ensure that the learning process remains a key focus, a group of us have proposed the development of an open learning analytics architecture/platform. We’ve posted our (beta) vision online: Open Learning Analytics: an integrated & modularized platform (.pdf). We are interested in hearing from, and partnering with, others – researchers, educators, universities, schools, startups, and corporate partners (learning and development departments). We have submitted several grant applications and have a few more that will be submitted in the next six months (one early response chastised us for being “too ambitious”. I solidly reject that assertion. Why is it that corporate entities can have ambitious plans but researchers are expected to think in isolated minutiae? Researchers need to think in systems and platforms in order to have an impact)."

More at LearnSpace (George Seimens)


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