Thursday, November 24, 2011

UOW show a commitment to Open Education

UOW has become a founding member and formal partner of OER University, exciting times in providing access to students in the region, across Australia and around the world to high quality University Education resources and courses

UOW initial planned contribution to the OERu logic model
Open curriculum: Our proposed course for the open BA is jointly run by the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Law. "Community, Power and the Common Good" practises what it preaches by allowing free participation in a course being run for fee-paying students and by involving international community leaders in its teaching team. As a pilot in summer session it enrolled 30 fee-paying students and 100 additional students in blended modes of online and f2f at all UOW campuses.
Open design and open pedagogy: UOW has a 10 year history of educational research in learning design. The proposed course is based not only on open content but also on open dialogue and debate between students, academics and community leaders. We are interested in exploring with other OERu members, the sustainability issues around this design.


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