Thursday, November 24, 2011

Discursis - processes conversation transcript data

How does Discursis work?

Discursis processes conversation transcript data to determine the conceptual content of each conversation turn. Turns containing similar concepts are linked by shading the vertically and horizontally adjacent elements below the diagonal according to the strength of match, and owner of the content. In the example presented here the physician’s statements (red) are strongly linked as they all refer to the patient’s husband.

What can Discursis do?

Discursis can:
  • track the state of the communication, to identify key points and trends, and provide early warning of communication issues or changes in situation.
  • identify whether participants are talking past each other, or engaging successfully.
  • identify whether participants in the conversation are: leaders, promoters, recruiters, innovators, followers, or non-conformists.
  • identify which concepts are influential, and when.


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