Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is the use of learning analytics

Interestingly I stumbled upon this post about analystics, as I read it I pondered the role of the learner, the learning environment and the place of knowledge recognition (sometimes institutions). I wonder if there is a role for agreed structures within an Open Educational framework?

Pedagogy and the Learning Analytics model

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I received valuable feedback on the proposed design framework for Learning Analytics. A key question people asked was where pedagogy was in the model. Here is how I see it:

LA pedagogy model

Pedagogic strategies and learning activities as such are not part of the analytics process but are implicitly contained in the input datasets that encapsulate the pedagogic behaviour of users. As we know, this behaviour depends a great deal on the platform and the pedagogic vision the developers built in (cf. Dron & Anderson, 2011). For example, data from a content sharing platform will have a behaviourist/cognitivist pedagogy attached to the learner behaviour, since this is the pedagogic model underlying the technology. In any case, only the pedagogic patterns exhibited in the dataset can be analysed and this will vary.


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