Monday, July 11, 2011

Using twitter to broadcast stories and information

Source: Read write web

Starting next week, SpongeBob SquarePants will come to Twitter with a story specially made for the micro-blogging platform. Here's the pitch from Nickelodeon: "The Ice Race Cometh: A Twitter-Tale, was conceived and developed for Twitter by the SpongeBob SquarePants writing team and will run from Tuesday, July 12, to Friday, July 15. The story will be told via multiple tweets and images throughout each day to set scenes and advance the action involving SpongeBob and his friends as they prepare for The Bikini Bottom Great Sleigh Race." Tune in, or retweet, or something......

SpongeBob is quite a latecomer to Twitter in that regard, and an awfully commercial one at that. As more companies and brands start to broadcast their stories on Twitter, it may be that the noise becomes overbearing and the format dull. But in the meantime, we've seen a number of innovative uses of Twitter for storytelling. The works of James Joyce and Shakespeare have been retold in short snippets, for example, and artists like Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton have utilized Twitter for collaborative storytelling projects, engaging other users in helping create new stories, 140 characters at a time.

Twitter is well-suited for that. Thanks to the public nature of the service and of course to thehashtag, anyone can easily add a line to a story - an online version of the Surrealists' exquisite corpse game, where users can contribute one line, without any clear sense of where others plan to take the narrative. Crowdsourcing creativity, if you will.


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