Sunday, July 17, 2011

eLearning tip: quizzes and assignments - changing 2011 dates

It is essential that if you have copied an eLearning site from a previous session (or year) that you alter the due dates and cut off dates to reflect the current session dates.

It is good practice to have the assignment cut off date a month after the due date. You will be able to see when the students have submitted, and if they were late, but the later cut off date allows for contingencies such as requests for extensions, etc, so the students will still be able to submit.

For assistance changing the dates of your assignments / assessments, or you would like an educational design consultation to discuss pedagogical practices, please call x 3683 (eTeaching support)

Remember that if you have used selective release by date that you will also need to change those dates to reflect the current session.


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