Sunday, June 26, 2011

iPad for teaching- seminar at Wollongong Uni, 11 August 2011

Not long after the release of the iPad just over a year ago, Dr Tara Brabazon (Professor of Media Studies, University of Brighton) told us that "...for academics, the (iPad) platform enhances daily teaching and research. In an age when universities’ core functions are under threat, the gadget offers a vision disconnected from the crumbling teaching and learning experiences in our libraries and classrooms."

Harsh words regarding teaching and learning, but a good prediction on how the iPad would develop to enhance academic life! The recent release of iPad 2 saw record sales to both staff and students. Apps and features continue to evolve. Trends such as eBooks have been a strong motivating factor for organisations to look at the technology. The University of Adelaide's Science Faculty illustrated this when moving hundreds of first year students to iPads this year. (1)

The Apple iPad seminar will look at how institutions and students around the world are using iPad in teaching, learning, and research. It builds upon last years' AUC seminar on Mobile Learning which was delivered to over 1,300 colleagues at Australian and New Zealand AUC member universities.

Various Apps will be demonstrated, case studies will be shared, and current research will be examined. Please join guest presenters at this free 90 minute seminar.

Register at

Wollongong August 11th

12:20 - 1:45pm
Building 6 (Smart Infrastructure Facility), Room 105


  1. Awesome! IPAD is my fav. I think it's the greatest invention since sliced bread ;) Seriously now, It's the perfect time killer and I'm thankful for able to afford it.


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