Tuesday, June 28, 2011

eTeaching Tip: Request your site now for next teaching session

A little reminder to request your eLearning sites for session 2 (Spring) 2011. Although you may have had a site last year, the site needs to be requested each session, this ensures that the appropriate cohort of students get access to the site.

If you have already requested your site
for session 2, 2011, and are uploading the new subject outline etc, please be aware that the 2010 (and Autumn 2011) sites will still be visible to you. Make sure you are updating the site that has S211 (Session 2, 2011) at the end. If you wish to remove the old sites from your list, please complete a Help! Request Support form, which is available from the staff Intranet on the right hand side under eLearning. Type in a request to remove the subjects, and then copy the old subject codes from your eLearning list and then paste them into the form (these subjects are not permanently deleted but are archived by ITS for a number of years).

A guide to eLearning, which addresses some of the common questions such as what to do if your subject code doesn’t appear (multi subject sites), and how to find an academic’s user name so that you can add them to your site. You might like to print and keep this a handy reference throughout the year.

"A Guide to eLearning 2011" is available at https://sites.google.com/site/howtowitheteaching/support-docs

Once your eLearning site has been established, please contact eTeaching support on #3683, if you would like an appointment to discuss teaching and learning strategies, or require assistance developing the eLearning site.

For technical assistance with requesting or maintaining your site, please use the
Help! Request Support link, available from the staff Intranet on the right hand side under eLearning, or phone eTeaching support (x3683).

If you want students to have access to the site prior to the start of session 2 you will need to change the access dates while requesting your site.


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