Monday, June 13, 2011

A practical guide to online learning (ALTC Research)

Learning in Networks of Knowledge: an ALTC Fellowship project

Professor Matthew Allen, ALTC Teaching Fellow and former Award for University Teaching winner, has just released an extensive, practical guide to innovative uses of Web 2.0 applications for online learning in both distance and on-campus education. Designed to provide academics with a select list of key applications, along with examples, discussion and concepts, the site promotes an alternative paradigm for online education based on knowledge networking. Entitled Knowledge Network Learning, the site is an invaluable aid for academic innovators who want to explore rapid introduction of new approaches that harness online technologies for pedagogically sound outcomes, emphasising authentic assessment and learning through practice and activity. The information in the site is based on Matthew's 15+ years experience as an online educator, his research into the social effects of the Internet, and on the implementation of many related ideas within the Department of Internet Studies that he runs at Curtin University. The site is:

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