Thursday, May 5, 2011

Videos - my tribe SOC206 Youth Cultures (ABC POOL)

An experimental sociology subject at the University of Wollongong, which explores youth cultural and subcultural practices and styles. It also addresses how sociologists have made sense of youth cultures, and why they have paid so much attention to them.

Sociologists have asked things like: What does it mean to be a surfer, or a metalhead? What is the relationship between the way a genre of music sounds, and the way the fans of that genre dress? What is ‘coolness’? Is skating rebellious? Alongside questions like this, we’ll also ask: are the answers to these questions different now to how they were 30 years ago? If so, how, and why?

We’ll be investigating this area through mashing up a whole range of ABC archive material, on subcultures from beatniks to punk, with students’ own findings ‘in the field’. Student productions will be posted there, but we’re also using the space to talk among ourselves and with Poolies – to figure out how to make our films, and to discuss them once they’ve been uploaded. This is an exciting departure for us here at UOW – academically, we are nestled in a very exciting spot: after the sociology of culture, in the wide open space before you get to anthropological film, you’ll find us exploring. For interesting links, check out our tags on delicious

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