Sunday, May 1, 2011

Advice on online learning from 13 world leaders (Ontario)

From Tony Bates Blog .....

Maxim Jean-Louis, as special advisor to the Minister on the Ontario Online Institute, has being doing a lot of homework recently.

Question 1: What is the biggest challenge facing online and distance learning in general today?
Theme 1: Quality design
Theme 2: Access to learning

Question 2: What is the biggest opportunity that online and distance learning in general has today?
Theme 1: Personalizing Learning
Theme 2: Making Quality Learning Widely Available
Theme 3: Growing a Global Market

Question 3:….what is the one overriding step that Ontario ought to take as it attempts to take its online learning system to the next level?
The major theme was a call for evidence-based decision making.

Question 4: Conversely, what is the one thing Ontario should avoid?
“avoid focusing too much on the technology instead of focusing on the pedagogy and continuum of approaches to teaching and learning”.

Question 5: What current or emerging technology has the potential of radically transforming online and distance learning?
Theme 1: Don’t be preoccupied with the technology
Theme 2: If you want to lead, focus on mobile learning (the most dominant response to this question)

What this group of experts did not say
they did not say that Ontario needs to abandon anything….Building on strengths is at the heart of the challenge they identify.
they did not focus on technology in a way that many writers and authorities do.
no one suggested that we need a new institution or a new form of institution.


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