Monday, April 18, 2011

UNESCO debate on Open Education

    UNESCO in support from the OER Foundation is hosting an open Oxford-style
    debate on whether OER should favour commercial use.

    We are fortunate to tap into the knowledge, experience and foresight of
    leading open education pioneers and practitioners to delve into and
    interrogate this complex topic.

    *David Wiley* (Pioneer of open content and one of the first open publication
    licenses) and *Stephen Downes* (Regarded by many to have put the "e" into
    eLearning) have opened the
    We look forward to insights and reflections from leading practitioners
    including *Neil Butcher* (OER Africa), *Ahrash Bissell* (Project manager
    MITE and former Executive Director of CC Learn), *Erik Mölle*r (Deputy
    Director of the Wikimedia Foundation), *Neeru Khosla* (Co-founder of the CK
    12 Foundation).

    - Cast your vote and share your opinion.
    - Join the discussions by posting comments, reflections and
    questions. (Participants
    will be the ultimate winners of this debate by virtue of engagement).

    You need to register an account on the WSIS OER community
    platform<>to vote and post comments.

    If you would like an account to join the UNESCO OER community and
    participate in this inaugural community debate, please email:

    - Abel Caine: or
    - Wayne Mackintosh:


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