Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UOW: New blogging service

New blogging service: progress

Things are progressing well in the UOW blogosphere.
We have agreement from UniAdvice regarding the final touches to our official UOW blog templates, and the templates themselves in all their natty graphic design glory are in the process of being chopped up, coded, tested and put into our template library for all to use.
We have developed a new online workflow (ie web-form!) for you to request a blog, and have been trialling that aspect, and tweaking with user feedback.
We have some great sample blogs from new international students to share with you soon – some great stories from some interesting member of the campus community.
We’re upgrading and updating our “blog service homepage” and will put links to sample blogs there soon. We’ve also successfully got the LDAP integration working so UOW staff and students don’t have to remember another username and password, and finally… we got our new URL implemented to make things look better in your marketing materials about your blog.
You can tell your users to go to and they will find you there.


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