Thursday, March 10, 2011

P2P University: Want to offer or take a course?

P2PU is a little different from a traditional university. The core values are openness, community and peer learning - and they inform everything. Courses are usually 6 weeks long (but you are free to experiment!). There are no teachers here - offering a course means helping learners learn together.

As a course organizer you take responsibility for:

  • designing a course syllabus that uses open educational resources,
  • managing the sign-up process, reviewing applications, and communicating with applicants,
  • initiating introductions and discussions,
  • helping participants set personal learning goals,
  • scheduling and hosting meetings,
  • tracking overall course progress, and reflecting on improvements.

Questions? No worries - we are here to help!

If that sounds intimidating - don't worry. There are lots of resources and people here to help you move forward. Sign-up to the mailing list and ask a question. Check out the orientation page. Look at the handbook. Read more about P2PU's background and work.

Everyone was new to this at some point, so please don't be shy about speaking up!

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