Monday, February 14, 2011

Exploring the future of Technology Enhanced Education

International Workshop on:

Exploring the future of Technology Enhanced Education: visions, practical implementations and impact of glocalities
- DULP@ICALT2011 -

in conjunction with the
IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2011)
6-8 July 2011, Athens, Georgia, USA

!! - deadline for paper submission: 20th February - !!

The DULP@ICALT 2011 represents a further step along the exploratory path that, starting from the transformations that are marking the present, will lead us to the future of the Technology Enhanced Education (TEE).
In the DULP framework and vision of future TEE
- the person, considered in all her/his complexity, is placed at the center of educational contexts and scenarios increasingly ubiquitous, complex, organic;
- the perimeter of the physical space, in which the educational experiences develop, becomes increasingly undefined, liquid and host more and more nomadic and informal practices that cross glocalities characterized by a high density of social interactions;
- technologies, increasingly embedded into the everyday spaces and artifacts, make the places not only more sensitive but also responsive and, potentially, coevolutionary (TEP - Technology Enhanced Places) giving rise to new mixed landscapes in which one can experiment, seamless, the integration of physicality and virtuality.
In these scenarios, the mediating role of technology will widen with the time to: foster relationships with the natural environments, filter content needed to support meaningful experiences at glocal level, support innovative active and design inspired educational processes, disclose feedback necessary to learn how to manage "in action " the complexity of static and dynamic of learning contexts and processes.

As for previous events, DULP@ICALT2011 intends to offer an interdisciplinary stimulating arena where everybody can present and discuss ideas on what could be the future of TEE in the next few years. DULP@ICALT2011 is the right place for those who:
- consider technologies as mediators of innovative educational visions aimed at improving the experience of the learning process;
- have a strong interdisciplinary attitude, the same one that inspire the DULP vision: technologists, computer scientists, educators, psychologists, sociologists, designers, ... and all those that consider the technology an indispensable ally rather than a service provider;
- can image and design the future of interplaying virtual and physical environments dedicated to TEE

DULP@ICALT2011 is looking for contributions that starting from the current state of the art are able to:
a) imagine a realistic future of TEE that should be applicable in real contexts;
b) induce a fruitful encounter between disciplines, to the benefit of the centrality of the educatioal experiences and of the expectations of the individuals


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