Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ALTC - Champion of learning and teaching gets the chop (27 Jan)

On 27 Jan Julia Gillard announced the shutting down of ALTC......this is such a huge mistake. I urge you all to lobby Julia to keep ALTC Open. Source, Australian

"The council works with higher education institutions and individuals, providing grants for innovation in teaching and learning and co-ordinating fellowships, networks and awards.".....
"The government has taken the easy option of abolishing the ALTC,'' he said. ''The savings to the government will be less than $22 million per annum but the damage to the higher education sector and student outcomes will be far reaching." Source SMH

Actual press announcement from the PM Office

More info about ALTC cut:


  1. If you care about the future of #altc then you can help to make it a priority for GetUp by going here:


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