Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You 3.0: The Most Important Evolving Technology | Educause

Molly Tamarkin and the 2010 EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee discuss Web 3.0

Concluding remarks......

Our intelligence tends to produce technological and social change at a rate faster than our institutions and emotions can cope with. . . . We therefore find ourselves continually trying to accommodate new realities within inappropriate existing institutions, and trying to think about those new realities in traditional but sometimes dangerously irrelevant terms.18

We believe that everyone in higher education will become an IT worker and that IT workers will be managing a growing number of technologically mediated services. These shifts in both practice and technology have changed the skill sets deemed essential for many in higher education, creating significant opportunities for developing a "You 3.0 plan." The challenge today is to continually evolve both business and IT skills. Those who work in the traditional IT fields need to further develop their verbal and written communication skills, marketing skills, and relationship-building skills. Students, faculty, and staff outside of technology need to gain a solid understanding of how technology works and of related IT issues.

We believe that in the future, it will be less important to have skills in or experience with particular technologies and more important to be able to evolve with technology to contribute in a meaningful way to the institution and its mission. Technology must be presented as a solution to a problem or as a vision to move the college or university forward in accordance with the institutional strategic plan. The focus will no longer be on the technology, in itself. The focus will be on the relationship between the evolving technology and the user—that is, on You 3.0. Full paper.......


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