Thursday, November 25, 2010

Workshop: expertise, pedagogy, and practice @UOW 6-7 Dec

expertise, pedagogy, and practice

University of Wollongong, Building 32, Room G01.
Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 December 2010. 9:30am – 5pm

The workshop takes as its focus recent work on situated and embodied cognition, the concepts of expertise, skill and practice, and contemporary pedagogical theory. This work has made important steps towards overcoming traditional intellectualist and individualist models of cognition, group interaction and learning, but has in turn generated a number of important questions about the shape of a model that emphasizes learning and interaction as situated and embodied.
Bringing together philosophers, cognitive scientists and education theorists, we will explore questions such as:
· Can a group learn?
· Is expertise distributed?
· How can we make sense of a normative dimension of expertise or skill?
· How situation specific is expertise?
· How can groups shape or generate expert practice?


  • Christopher Winch (King’s College, London) – Education and Broad Concepts of Agency
  • David Beckett (Melbourne) – Beyond the Chicken Sexer: A Distributional Account of Expertise, Excellence and Agency
  • John Sutton (Macquarie) – Applying Intelligence to the Reflexes: expertise and the transmission of embodied skills
  • Greg Downey (Macquarie) – tba
  • Paul Hager (UTS) – Group Practice: A Further Dimension of Expertise?
  • Mary Johnsson (UTS) – Dialogic Engagement: A Bakhtinian Perspective on Expert-Novice Interactions at Work
  • Nicola Johnson (Monash) – Problematising the label of ‘expert’ within education: Power, authority and discourse
  • David Simpson (Wollongong) – Wittgenstein and Stage-Setting: from natural reactions to the space of reasons
  • Michael Kirchhoff (Wollongong) – Extended Cognition and the ‘World is its Own Best Model’ Model of Cognition
  • Kellie Williamson (Macquarie) – Groups as Thinkers: Learning and Transactive Memory
  • Andrew Geeves (Macquarie) – Improvisation, rehearsal and temporality: the emergence of expertise within a group of professional musicians in an embodied and situated context

Full details, including abstracts, maps, transport and accommodation options, can be found here:

The Workshop is supported through the ARC Discovery grant ‘Embodied Virtues and Expertise’ (DP1095109)

There is no attendance fee, but to assist with catering arrangements, attendees must register by emailing David Simpson ( by 28 Nov 2010


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