Monday, November 8, 2010

UOW ASD Web 2.0 Sharing session

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  1. This was a great start, but where to from here. I think it would be great if some training sessions in using some of these tools for educational purposes happens. I'm confident the Learning Designers could help many of us move forward into this arena with some guidance.

    Thanks all for coming; it was great to see such a good rollup.
    Cheers, Lynda

  2. I agree - I would personally be interested in running semi-regular joint training sessions to help people learn to use these tools effectively. Could we combine the initiatives and have the first half of the session be for sharing new ideas and the second half be training offered by a Library or CEDIR/CASR staff member??

  3. I love these ideas. Yes lets have a regular 2 part session exploring emerging Technologies for teaching and learning. Part 1 sharing, part two hands on learning :-) Hands up if you are keen to be involved in a small coordination team??

  4. In the spirit of today’s Web 2.0 meeting, below is an article about years 4/5 children using wikis in the classroom –
    we had better be up on the technology by the time they come through!

  5. Sharing references to resources is a great ideas Lucia....I hope others can follow suit from the wise Tome :-)


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