Monday, October 25, 2010

Towards a "next generation" learning and teaching environment

As we move towards a "next generation" learning and teaching environment there has been lots of talk about what would be needed for effective online teaching.

Having pondered this we have identified 5 major components
  • Administration
  • Communication
  • Assessment
  • Content
  • Interoperability
These elements have been broken further.

I'd be interested in hearing your feedback and ideas on other components you feel are necessary and why.


  1. my two bobs worth ... Yes, these elements are important, but there is also Staff, who can sometimes feel transplanted rather than transitioned if they are forced to encompass the technology, or even if not forced, if they aren't given adequate training and assistance. A good staff development plan, based on both the technologies and the pedagogies will be essential for it to be successful

    Chris (

  2. Interesting that you mention the staff transition process Chris, do you see any modifications at the technical level that could assist this transition process? W


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