Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stand and deliver on its last legs

Stand and deliver on its last legs

Jim Barber vice-chancellor of the University of New England, thinks so......


Encyclopedia Britannica has already lost the battle with Wikipedia. Picture: Jeremy Piper Source: The Australian

SOON the acquisition of higher knowledge will no longer be the preserve of universities: what then?

CAN it really be only 10 years since Wikipedia was launched? Then, the user-generated online encyclopedia had a grand total of 19 articles published exclusively in English. It now contains more than 16 million articles (and counting) written in 262 languages and routinely attracts 10 billion to 15 billion page views a month.

Compare this with the scraps that fall from Wikipedia's table to Encyclopaedia Britannica which, after a 300-year head start and a peerless reputation for quality, contains only 120,000 articles and receives a paltry 100,000 page views a month, even in its new online incarnation.

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