Thursday, October 7, 2010

iCamp project

An Open Virtual Learning Environment for Europe’s Higher Education

Project objectives

The iCamp vision is to support competence development in self-organising intentional learning projects, in collaborating and in social networking by making systematic use of interoperable, networked tools and services.

The objectives in iCamp have been driven by pedagogical, technical and social challenges that aimed to:

  • Investigate, develop and validate innovative pedagogical models for the competence development and advancement of self-direction, social networking and cross-cultural collaboration in a digitally mediated environment
  • Provide a validated portfolio of constructivist learning tools that support these innovative pedagogical models
  • Provide an open virtual learning environment consisting of a network of learning tools, platforms and repositories
  • Develop and describe open source code for connecting to the iCamp network and to provide interoperability amongst different systems
  • Document and describe best practices to be derived from the validation trials for universities that may benefit from iCamp in the future
  • Assess the actual and potential impacts of the iCamp network on Higher Education Institutions at different levels and from different perspectives

Web site

iCamp Handbook: How to Use Social Software in Higher Education

Final report


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