Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cool Thing@UOW: a few Second life resources

SWIFT - Second World Immersive Future Teaching

The project which is funded by the Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS), acknowledges the growing need for new approaches to effective laboratory-based learning, where issues of space, time and resources lead to pedagogical limitations in the use of practical classes involving student engagement in pre-designed experiments.
SWIFT addresses these limitations by developing laboratory activities in Second Life, researching their impact on teaching and learning in biomedical sciences, and thereby providing exemplars for transfer to other sciences.
SWIFT investigates the student experience and learning outcomes from these Second Life activities, and compares them with outcomes from other modes of learning. It is not intended that such approaches should replace real-life laboratory activities but complement them by improving the learning experience.

Second Life out as techies embrace cloud email (Gartner's 2009 Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies)

"Virtual worlds are about to plunge into a "trough of disillusionment", lecture podcasts are fast becoming obsolete, but cloud computing will soon be on the "slope of enlightenment". These are the findings of an analysis of the "hype cycle" of technology in education, published by Gartner, an IT advisory firm."

"Cloud email for higher education - free email services offered to institutions by the likes of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo - is also firmly ensconced in the sector. In 2008, the technology was heading towards the peak of inflated expectations, but this year passed through the trough of disillusionment and is now on the slope of enlightenment. Dr Lowendahl said the technology had seen a "tremendous uptake, especially in higher education". Although cloud email for the sector was launched only in October 2005, the report, published last week, estimates it has a penetration rate of up to 20 per cent. I think it is the quickest uptake I have seen of outsourcing in higher education," Dr Lowendahl said."

From Report in Times Higher Education:

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