Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cool Things @ UOW: Ideas for using Twitter :-)

Hi all,
A big Happy New year to you all!
To start of the year I've found a few great ideas on using Twitter in teaching and learning. They can be adapted for many activities. I hope they inspire you :-)

Twitter - English Composition (practice)
Post a prompt. Start a sentence off with three words. Invite students to complete the sentence using a predetermined grammar construction.
Start with a question. Invite students to answer the question.
Send three key words. Invite students to write a correct sentence using the keywords.
As answers come in.. they are projected for class review / discussion.
Copy all of the answers and invite student peer review.
Chief advantages?
Keeping students more on task.
Immediacy of responses.
Immediacy of realizing class review / discussion of work.
Jim Buckingham
Zayed University
Box 4783
Abu Dhabi, UAE


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