Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fwd: [virtual-worlds-working-group] MQUncon09!

Hi Everyone! I'm very pleased to be able to promote a fantastic event
that's happening at MQ Uni to coincide with the Annual jokaydia
Unconference - see details below. It would be great to see you
there! ;)

About the Event

The MQUncon 09 is a FREE event for educators to connect and share
ideas and solutions around using educational technology in learning
and teaching. It is hosted being hosted by Macquarie University and
the Islands of jokaydia.

An unconference is a facilitated, participant-driven conference.
During the day, people are free to present, share and particpate in a
range of activities - sharing tips, stories and examples of using
technology to enhance, augment and facilitate more effective learning
and teaching.

The agenda for the day is organised largely by the attendees and will
be faciliated by the Learning and Teaching Centre.

The event will be held around the U@MQ venue from 9am to 3pm AEST
(check local time here), and in on the Islands of jokaydia in Second
Life (SLurl:  http://bit.ly/mqslurl), as part of their weekend long
Unconference 09.

MQUncon 09 offers participants an inclusive opportunity to discuss,
share and connect with leading educators and technologists about 21st
century learning at the practical level, as well as listen to people
who might be on a similar journey.

The unconference is for educators, academics, researchers, policy
makers, curriculum designers,  IT industry,  digital media developers,
students and anyone interested in diverse views and approaches to
learning and teaching to build and stregthen their personal learning
networks though shared interests. The day seeks to offer a broad range
activities driven by the community and participants. It is a BYOL
event (bring your own laptop).

Topics could include discussions around:

 * How is learning in the 21st Century shaping up?
 * What does it mean for our learning spaces?
 * What toolsets and pedagogical approaches successfull engage
 * How will 21st century learning impact  community, workplaces and

.... [But] the unconference day is shaped and driven by the attendees
using only broad topics of facilitation.

The discussions will continue over the weekend at the annual Jokaydia
Unconference, which is being hosted by the Islands of jokaydia
Community of Practice in Second Life. More information on these events
is available at http://jokaydia.wikispaces.com/unconference09.

Please Register to Attend!

In order to attend you must register by 24th September for the on
campus event, in order for us to comply with a range of practical
issues and ensure everyone has a great day. The conference will be
split between physical space and virtual space though the islands of
Jokaydia, home to the Macquarie Second Life campus.

You can register to attend the face to face event @ http://mquncon09.eventbrite.com/.
There is no need to register for the virtual events.

 Find out More

To find out more about the event or to volunteer to facilitate a
session, visit http://mquncon09.pbworks.com/

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