Monday, August 10, 2009

ASCILITE 2009, call for papers

This is a great conference to present your eLearning innovation at!
:-) Wendy

DON'T FORGET the deadline for ascilite 2009 conference full and concise
papers, workshop, symposia and interactive session proposals is this Friday
14 August 2009. The ascilite 2009 conference will be held in Auckland City,
Aotearoa New Zealand 6-9 December, 2009.

ascilite 2009 reflects on the emergence of multiple spaces in our personal
and learning environments. Presentations are invited that explore
developments and experiences in the following spaces:

How do learners move between independent and dependent spaces for learning?
How are physical learning spaces changing to facilitate learning in blended
environments? What makes blended learning effective - why, how, when and

Virtual Space
What is happening around education in virtual worlds? What is the impact,
what are the implications and how can the potential of developments in this
emergent area be realistically assessed?

What Web2.0 technologies are teachers and students using? How well do they
work, how do you know and what can be done to improve and enhance their
use. What is the nature of the social space in educational settings?

How are mobile devices being incorporated into the learning environment and
what does their unique functionality have to offer? What do the students
think? How do they learn with these ubiquitous tools?

What are industries, trades, businesses and professionals doing with e-
learning technologies for further education and training. What works and
why? Where does their future lie in the world of e-learning?

Don't miss out the early bird online registration opens 24 August 2009.

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